10 Common Issues about Wall Printers

The Wall printer is a kind of vertical inkjet printer that can print large format full-color images in a vertical direction. UV wall printers can print directly on numerous materials such as walls, plastic, metal, tile, wood, glass, etc. with the help of UV light curing properties.

Wall printer machine prints the large mural on the wall

However, wall printers are not a mature technology and have only been around for a few years since their creation. For a highly sophisticated technology product with hundreds of components, engineers need to spend hours assembling, debugging, and testing the machine to make sure it can print accurately. Customers need hours of professional training to master the basics of operating the machine. 

At the same time, customers need professional engineers for after-sales support to deal with machine failure in the fastest possible time, or a small problem with the machine will cause the machine to not work.

So How Exactly Does A Wall Printer Work?

A digital inkjet wall printer can convert pictures into machine language through professional RIP software, and the control system will control the print nozzle to quantitatively eject ink droplets to Substrates. professional RIP software can restore the original color of the picture, and the printed image will be more realistic.

Wall printing machine is printing the large format mural on the wall

How Do The Main Parts of The Wall Printer Affect The Machine?

Wall printers with hundreds of parts are assembled by engineers with precision assembly processes that allow them to work together to create a beautiful image.

However, if poor-quality parts are used, there will be undesirable consequences for the printer. Such as poor printing accuracy, unstable printing process, high failure rate but difficulty troubleshooting, clogged printheads, etc.

So, What Are The Common Problems With Wall Printers?

1. The Wall Printer Can’t Print

I know it’s hard to believe. A brand new wall printer, powered up and it won’t print. Many customers find me for help because they purchased a wall printer from another manufacturer and without technical support, they can’t contact the manufacturer and the machine doesn’t work. That’s why it’s important to choose a supplier who can provide technical support.

Even if you have a very good quality printer, such as a VPJet4.0 UV wall printer, if you haven’t had good training, you won’t be able to get the best performance out of it. You’re bound to run into numerous problems within the first month, and if you don’t get a solution, you probably won’t be able to continue using it.

My advice is to find our official sales platform to make your purchase. Please contact: alex@wallprintercn.com

We will not give you training and warranty or technical support for printers you have purchased elsewhere.

2. Broken Needle of Printhead

A broken needle means that a thin vertical line like a needle appears on the image during the printing process. This is due to a blockage in some of the printhead nozzles causing the ink to not jet properly.

The solution is to perform one or more ink pumps and use a test strip to determine if printing can continue.

3. Incorrect Color

The color of the image printed on the wall differs greatly from the image on the computer screen.

First, the image on the wall is imaged by ink (CMYK 4 inks), while the image on the screen is imaged by RGB. It is normal for the difference in color to occur because of the different imaging methods.

Second, If there is a large deviation in color, then it may also be related to the ink and RIP software.

We use Nazdar inks for wall printers, made in the USA, which is of high quality. Combined with FlexiPrint RIP for wall printers, a professional software made in the USA, the colors of the image itself can be highly reproduced.

4. Color Crosstalk 

Crosstalk means that other colors appear in the printer nozzle where one color of CMYK should appear. The cause of this phenomenon is most likely a damaged printhead. The use of high-quality printheads can effectively solve this problem.

5. The Nozzle does not inkjet

When the printer does the pumping operation, the inkjet can not be properly ejected from the printer nozzle.

The cause of this is a high probability of blockage of the printhead. It is recommended that regular maintenance of the printhead, not to let the ink in the printhead dry resulting in clogging of the printhead. High-quality printheads can effectively reduce the probability of printhead clogging.

6. Pass Road

White streaks appear on the printed image.

There are two main reasons: UV lamp power is not enough to dry ink. Or the machine has a small offset during the printing process, resulting in the appearance of Pass Road.

If your printer has such a problem, please contact the engineer to solve it.

7. Body Shaking

The movement of the wall printer is mainly in the horizontal direction and the vertical direction of the printhead.

If the machine body shakes, it is likely that the sensor in the vertical direction senses that the wall is uneven and thus is constantly adjusting the distance from the wall, causing the machine to shake.

If the machine is printed outdoors, strong winds can also cause the machine to resonate and shake. The use of high-quality body materials increases the machine’s counterweight, and can effectively solve the problem of machine shaking.

8. Bad Print Accuracy

Print accuracy is not enough, the details are not stunning.

This reason is directly related to the technology and quality of the printer. The use of professional RIP software can restore the original color and detail of the image with high precision.

VPJet4.0 CMYKW UV wall printer supports 1440dpi high precision.

9. Printheads Hitting The Wall

Printheads hitting the wall can cause damage to the printhead.

It is recommended to replace the sensor with better quality and use dual sensors to sense a greater range, reducing the probability of printheads hitting the wall.

In addition, the printhead hitting the wall is also related to the operator’s experience, and receiving professional technical training, but also reduces the probability of the printhead hitting the wall.

10. Other Machine Movement Problems

As I said, the wall printer has hundreds of printing parts, they are often carried by the operator, it is likely that because of transportation, impact or longer use of the line aging, and other reasons encounter a variety of bizarre adverse reactions, realizing the movement of abnormalities.

It is recommended to contact a professional after-sales team to solve the problem. Our after-sales team is involved in the assembly and debugging of the machine, and the technical director is involved in the development of the machine, they can find out the problem of the machine the first time and help our customers to solve the problem. All technical support is solved by video call, which is very efficient.

Bad Experience Feedback From Other Clients

As the top supplier of wall printers to the world market, we are receiving many messages from Stranger customers who bought the wall printer from other suppliers, most of them are coming for helping.

I don’t know why their suppliers abandoned them. As a trustable and reliable supplier, it is the duty to offer their clients technical support after sales.

If you are looking for a wall printer, please ask your supplier if they will offer you technical support. And the price is always included in technical support and a warranty.

Wall printer issues-customer feedbacks
Wall printer issues customer feedback
Wall printer issues-customer feedbacks
Wall printer issues-customer feedback
Wall printer issues-customer feedbacks
Wall printer issues customer feedback

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14 thoughts on “10 Common Issues about Wall Printers

  1. Modestos Papas says:

    Hello, i am in desperate need of assistance. I bought a 3d wall printer and has taken me 4 months to get it working. Now i have a problem that pictures come out with streaks of color where they should not be. But I did not buy printer from you.. Can anybody help please?

  2. kontochristos andreas says:

    I have bought a wall printer with 2 printheads τχ800 γβ since October I brought a technician who started it but he did not know and deleted the rip program and the software and while he does all the movement the machine does not spray the heads and they are new like head cables are new I want to buy a software but I do not know anymore is the old is ultraprint I did not buy it from you if you can help me thank you very much

    • wall printer cn says:

      Hi there, I feel deeply sorry for you. I hope your supplier can offer you warranty and their engineer can help you with detailed training and technical support. These parts are as important as the stable printer. As far as I know, The RIP software you are using is free, you can ask your supplier for it. Our RIP may not match your printer. Last but not the least, the TX800 printhead is too cheap and easy to be clogged if you use it to print UV ink. As our system can not match your printer, our engineer also can’t help you even you can pay us for the technical support. So I suggest you to contact your supplier. If you have any other questions, you can comment here. Good luck.

  3. kontochristos andreas says:

    hello my company you are not interested and I do not know where else to go I do not know what to do if you can at least direct me the rip is damaged and I do not know if it’s wrong that the heads do not spray or if I did not find the printer that is stored thank you

    • wall printer cn says:

      Hi, there, I am sorry to hear that. Does your printer use the TX800 model heads? And are you using the genuine RIP software since I know some suppliers use the free RIP which is very fragile.

  4. kontochristos andreas says:

    η εταιρια ειναι η MAXWAVE LASER απλα δεν το αγορασα απο αυτους το πηρα απο αλλο πωλητη και δεν ενδειαφερωνται το μηχανημα φοραει 2 κεφαλες εκτυπωσης τχ 800 και τωρα κανει ολες τις κινησεις το cnc αλλα δεν ψεκαζουν οι κεφαλες δεν ξερω αν φταιη το rip που ειναι χαλασμενο η χρειαζεται μια επηλογη στο λογισμικο που πιθανον να ειναι κλειστη η δεν βρισκη τον εκτυπωτη οταν δινω εκτυπωση την εικονα που εχει wellprint αποθηκευμενη ευχαριστω

  5. kontochristos andreas says:

    kontochristos andreas says:
    the company is MAXWAVE LASER I just did not buy it from them I got it from another seller and they are not interested the machine wears 2 print heads tx 800 and now it does all the movements the cnc but they do not spray the heads I do not know if it is the fault of the rip that is damaged do I need a software option that may be closed or I can not find the printer when I print the image that has wellprint saved thank you

    • wall printer cn says:

      Hi, according to our experience, the problem comes from the inkjet system or the control system. Since they are special I recommend you to contact the supplier to replace the defective parts after they troubleshoot your printer.

  6. kontochristos andreas says:

    γεια σας σας ευχαριστω θα προσπαθησω να επικοινωνησαω ξανα

  7. kontochristos andreas says:

    Hello, again from Greece, I maxwave do not manufacture machinery, it is just an agent that sells, you are a manufacturer, and if you want, you can send me the software, the headboard is w802head_ve and the connector board w802tx800_vc f you can help me thank you

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