Accessories and Spare parts

HKHR supply all spare parts for our wall printers, including current consumption parts and regular replacement parts. Any performance failure occurs within one year caused by non-human damage spare parts, you can get our replacement parts for free.

Y-axis Linear Guide

Y-axis Belt

X-Axis Pulley

LED UV Curable Ink

Water Based Pigment Ink Pipe

Waste Ink Storage Bottle

Ail-cooled UV Lamp System

UPS Battery Backup(600-1000w)

Upper Synchronous Wheel Mount

Universal Wheel

Strong Triangle Connector

1 Meter Horizontal Rail (39.37 inches)

Printhead Drive Board

Industrial Touch Screen Computer 12.1 inch

PrintHead Data Cables

PCB Motherboard

Miniature Guide Rail + Slider

Ming Wei Switching Power Supply [48V]

Ming Wei Switching Power Supply [42.5V]

Ming Wei Switching Power Supply [24V]

Magnetic Limit Sensor

Machine Head Z-axis Motor

Ink Pump Motor

Ink Heating Block

Ink Extractor

Industrial Computer USB Adapter

High-Strength Tank Chain

Extension Bar Stabilizer

Extended Vertical Track (customized length)

European Standard Word Connector

Cross Laser Mark (red)

Cosmic Wind Ink Pad

Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cord

American Bonner Ultrasonic Sensor

Air Solenoid Valve

250G Mobile Hard Disk

220V Metal Button Switch

180MM Wheel

86 Two-Phase Closed-Loop Stepper Motor

86 Stepper Motor Driver

86 Motor Mount

57 Worm Gear Reducer

57 Two-Phase Stepper Motor

57 Stepper Motor Driver

57 Motor Fixing Flange

8-Channel Ink Damper Assembly

4-Color Continuous Supply Ink Tank

Mode Walking Gear