We successfully developed a control motherboard and program for Epson’s full range of printer nozzles, as a technical service company to provide technical support to many flatbed printer manufacturers in China.


We successfully developed the wall printer control motherboard and debugged it successfully. Continue to provide technical support services for wall printer assembly merchants as a technical service provider.


We established its own production department and started to produce E9 wall printers independently.


We developed the K series water based pigment wall printers. Once launched, they were strongly loved by the market. More than 300 printers were sold that year. In particular, the HK-K2 and HK-K4 printers have 2 and 4 Epson print heads, and the printing speed is 2-4 times that of ordinary printers. The print parameters of each print head can be controlled by software. The technology is highly integrated and currently leads the market.


We developed the S series UV wall printer. This printer has 5 colors (CMYKW), can print white, and can print on a dark background. At present, this UV printer belongs to the global leader.


We successfully developed the world’s first floor printer. 

Till now, more than 100 clients are using our 3D floor printers to print on the parking space, street floors for marking, designs and signs.

August 2019

Nanjing TTZS Co.,ltd was established. Providing sales and technical services to overseas clients. Over half a year we sold more than 30 wall printers.

October 2019

We developed the Portable wall printer with wheels and a foldable vertical bar, which is very suitable for indoor printing jobs.

December 2019

We successfully sold printers to the US market. And expanded our service to the European market.

January 2020

We successfully upgraded the floor printer. The new one is with self-driving wheels, which is more portable and easy to operate.

Our story continues and our innovation does not stop.