Vertical Mural Wall Printer Price And How to Choose?

If you are looking for a wall printer machine, and are curious about the price of the wall printer, this article will tell you the truth.

I wrote another article to tell the difference between wall printers from different price ranges, and what are the consists of the price offer from the suppliers. Check it and you will learn more about it:

What Is The Last Price You Can Buy For A Wall Printer?

Let’s divide 3 levels price list for the wall printers: Cheapest, Middle, and Top.

Water-Based Wall PrinterUSD 3,000-6,500USD 7,000USD 12,000
UV Cured Wall PrinterUSD 6,500-8,000USD 11,000-15,000USD 40,000

How To Choose The Right Wall Printer For Your Self-use?

If you have a limited budget, you can choose the specific wall printer of the exact level price. Go to the Alibaba platform and you will have many choices.

But before placing your order, you need to know some common issues with the wall printers.

There are some comments below this article

Consulting Service For Inkjet Wall Printers

My name is Alex, the sales director of DXonJet Printer Ltd. I would like to offer you a consult service to choose what kind of wall printer you can buy. I have many clients who are using our wall and floor printers, I also have many customers who bought wall printers from other suppliers.

Contact info about the author:
Alex Wang
Sales Director
WhatsApp: +86 159520510655

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