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The Ultimate UV Wall Printer

Upgraded and improved more than 30 aspects, achieving high resolution and stability during printing.


  1. Double UV lamps, enhance the curing system effect
  2. Two horizontal driving systems: 4 wheels driving and 5 rails gear driving system
  3. Much more stable structure with the industrial standard offers high stability 
  4. Limited highest printing location provides essential printing safety
  5. Gigabit Wireless Tablet control system is available
  6. Automatic maintenance program protects your printhead during your vacation
  7. Ink consumption display+image preview function+ printing speed display 
DXonJet4.0 Wheels and rails Wall Printer




Concrete, Putty wall, latex paint wall, brick wall, diatom mud wall, shell powder, paper, wood, and more

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Large Format Wall Printing

Double UV Lamps

Sturdy structure 

Wheels and Rails Driving System

Gigabit Wireless Control system by Tablet

Hairline Splicing gap with high quality of rails

Robust platform offers essential stability

Easy maintenance program by software

Safety control

Low ink level alarm system

Professional RIP software support color management 

Videos of VPJet4.0 UV Wall Printer

Wall Printing A Giant Mural 

Directly printing on Glass Door

Wall Printing at Our Office

Wall Printing A 250cm Large Format Mural



Print head Resolution:720*540dpi, 720*720dpi,720*1080dpi,720*1440dpi,720*2880dpi

Multi-Print heads, one, two and four printheads are optional

CMYK, Water based ink for Epson printhead Ink thermostat system

Print Technology:
VSDT variable ink drop technology, high fault tolerance feathering technology, automatic recovery printing technology

Image Format:
PDF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, and etc

Printable size:
Height: 1.95m; No-limited to the width.
1.1 meter extension: 3 meters printing height 
Stitching in height is available 

Laser Position:

XYZ Axis Dimension:
X-axis: 100cm, Y-axis:240cm, Z-axis:15cm

Maximum Print height:
3 meters

RIP software:


Power Supply:
110V~380V, No-load 20W, work 120W.

Communication Ports:
2 x USB

Other Specifications

Machine Body:
Aluminum-magnesium alloy profile, frame structure

Assembly Ways:
Moving pulley, self-propelled slide, quick assembly

PC inside: 12.4 inch, capacitive screen, resolution 800 * 600,
J1800 Celeron dual-core, 4G memory, 128G solid
state hard disk, Win10-64 system, built-in WiFi

Surface Sensor: Hyperbolic Banner sensor, up and down two-way
2 Ultrasonic sensors made in the US

Environment: -10 ° C – 60 ° C, 10% – 80% relative humidity,
non-condensing state.
Standby <20dBA, work <50dBA

Frame:56kg; Track: 12.5kg/PCS Machine Dimension:

Machine Dimension:
Length: 100cm (track) width: 60cm height: 255cm

Type of Ink:
Water based pigment ink


Installation Video Tutorial for VPJet4.0 UV  Wall Printer

Operation Video Tutorial for VPJet4.0 UV  Wall Printer