What Is The Difference Between Wallpen Germany And the Chinese Wall Printer?

Wallpen Germany wall printer is the top class in the vertical printer industry. While there are many cheaper wall printers made in China. Customers are always confused what are their difference. I will explain it except for the price.

For the difference in the price list, you can check this article: what are the wall printer’s price and the difference.

Origin of Country:

Wallpen Germany: Made in Germany, accessories are from Germany local and Europe, and Japan. Expensive in design, ink, parts, and service.

Chinese DXonJet Wall Printer: Made in China, accessories are from China local and Japan. Cost of effective design, ink, parts, and service.


Wallpen Germany: Very portable, good looking, the printing margin is very small.

Chinese DxonJet wall printer: Portable, stable, and enough for printing in usage. 


  1. Ink
    Wallpen’s ink is very expensive, they use ink bags to supply ink, and the customer needs to change the ink bags every time.
    Chinese wall printer uses good ink(we are using USA-made ink), not cheap but definitely not as expensive as Wallpen’s. We are using ink bottles for refilling. 
  2. Printheads
    Wallpen uses 4 Ricoh printheads from Japan, which is very very expensive. 4 printheads for CMYK colors.
    Chinese wall printers use Epson printheads, ONE printhead is for CMYKW 5 colors, which can print white color while wallpen can not print. Epson printhead is cheaper than Ricoh head.
  3. Software
    Wallpen develops their own software, I don’t know if they connected to other professional software or not, because RIP software is very professional for inkjet printers.
    Chinese DXonJet wall printer: We are using FlexiPrint RIP software made in the US, which is one of the most popular RIP software for inkjet printers. It is well performance in white color printing and details in UV inks.


  1. Training
    Wallpen trains customers in Germany or in the cities where they have partners.
    Chinese DXonJet wall printer trains customers remotely online by video call or in the cities where we have partners. (we have more than 10 partners in the world)
  2. Technical support
    Wallpen: Not clear
    Chinese wall printer: We offer our customers one year warranty, one-year free technical support, and our team works 18 hours one time to support our clients all over the world due to the time difference.


Difference 1: Wallpen costs nearly 40,000 USD, and Chinese wall printers cost from 7,000-14,000 SUD

Difference 2: Origin of Country: Wallpen is made in Germany, accessories are from Germany, Europe, and Japan which costs their printer very expensive, and Chinese wall printers are made in China, accessories are from China local and Japan.

Difference 3: The design of Wallpen is much better than Chinese wall printers

Difference 4: Ink, Printhead, and software of Wallpen are very expensive, while Chinese wall printers use the cost of effective parts.

Difference 5: The service of Wallpen is local while Chinese wall printer suppliers can offer remote online training, face-to-face training, and technical support from their partners in the world.

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