What’s Wall Printer’s Price And Differences?

The Wall Painter is a vertical inkjet printer that can print large format images to any material in the vertical direction (wall, glass, acrylic, wood, metal, etc…). If you want to start a custom printing service business, this machine is a very good choice. The question is, what is the wall printer’s price?

We can roughly browse the open offers from the B2B/B2C platforms. Here are the prices on the Aliexpress platform:

wall printer price on aliexpress platform
wall printer price on aliexpress platform

This is the price on the Alibaba platform:

If you have enough time, you can collect quotes from dozens of suppliers. Prices range from $3,000 to $14,000. Yes, you get the price range, but I think you might be confused, why is there such a big difference in price?

What Is The Difference Between a Cheap Wall Printer And an Expensive Wall Printer?

Generally, the factors that determine the price of a wall printer include:

1. Brand and model of printhead:  Different printheads have different performance and prices

2. Number of print heads: The more print heads, the more expensive the printer is

3. Printer attributes: The price of UV printers is much higher than that of ink printers

4. The pros and cons of the printer control board and the stability of the built-in program

5. The quality of other accessories such as vertical poles, horizontal rails, whether the internal power module is anti-interference, etc.

6. Printer software: whether to use genuine software, whether to use international RIP software

7. The ink that the printer is equipped with: the quality of the ink not only affects the image quality but also affects the performance and life of the print head.

8 Warranty Fees

9 Training fees and after-sales technical support fees

10 Development costs for printer software and hardware upgrades

11 The cost of commissioning the printer and the operating costs of the company

12 profit required by the company

13 Other fees such as custom service fees.

Price Of Wallpen-The Most Expensive Wall Printer Made In Germany

If you are very interested in wall printers, then you should have noticed Wallpen, a company in Germany. Their wall printer looks very portable and produces stunning images. But their price is not very approachable. As far as I know, the price of a Wallpen is about 40,000 US dollars. But I don’t know if this price includes VAT and software usage fees.

Price of Wall Printers Would Be Different According To Where to Buy?

Many suppliers set different prices in different countries and regions. If you are from a developed economy, such as the European Union, or North America, then the supplier will give you a higher price. But compared to prices in less developed economies, the difference is often not much.

Suppliers will also consider logistics costs, after-sales costs, and communication costs to determine the final quotation. So no matter what country and region you are in, I suggest that you first need to talk to the supplier seriously, build trust, and then ask for a reasonable quotation in good faith. Blindly seeking low prices is not advisable, because the supplier may replace you with cheaper parts, or reduce the quality of after-sales service.

The Price of The Wall Printer Would Be cheaper if You Buy Directly From a Chinese Factory?

Many customers think that they can get a better price by contacting the factory directly, but this is not the case.  Have you considered service? They tend to ignore that services are also included in the price.

Here is the service charge in the price:

1. Pre-sales consulting service.

The salesman can give you a comprehensive understanding of the printer so that you can make the right decision, such as which machine to buy, which accessories to configure, what software to use, and whether the machine needs to be adjusted to suit your working environment.

2. Production progress follow-up service.

When you pay a deposit to the supplier, They will become to the advantage side. Since they don’t worry that you won’t pay the balance, the service will be slack afterward. Suppliers with good service will update the progress of machine production and debugging with you, and will also take photos of all accessories to check with you before delivery.

3. Professional shipping service.

If you need your supplier to help you ship, then they need to have professional international shipping knowledge and experience. An experienced supplier can save you shipping costs and valuable time in shipping.

4. High-quality after-sales service.

Suppliers’ quotations often include after-sales service, and high-quality guarantee services are especially important for wall printers. We have cumulatively sold over 300 wall printers so far, and almost every customer is learning how to use them in the first three months. Our engineers train them through live video, step-by-step to help them make their first print. They will then be given detailed video tutorials to improve their printing skills and learn how to Maintenance.

5. Warranty Service

We provide a one-year warranty service, the parts will be shipped from China and shipped directly to the customer’s address using DHL or FedEx express.

6. Technical support

Difficulties customers encountered, our engineers will answer them in detail until the problem is solved. For a customer, a small problem may plague him for a day, while for our engineer, it may only take a few minutes. And all client computers are equipped with Teamviewer software, which we can remotely control the client’s printer to test.

7. Time difference and language

Our engineers can provide services based on the time of the client, they all speak English, and you no longer need to send a translated text to communicate with each other.

Why The Wall printer Is So Cheap And Why It Is So Expensive?

If you really care about your wall printing service, you will buy twice after you bought a cheap wall printer. A cheap printer doesn’t have enough profit for a supplier to make a machine that is stable and works well, nor will it provide you with an Adequate guarantee and after-sales support services.

So why are some printers so expensive?

Some suppliers’ quotes are very expensive, they sell printers that look good, and make customers think that expensive printers will have good quality and service. But many trading companies in China are simply unable to provide technical support services to their customers, and their prices are high simply because they need profit.

So, before buying a printer from a supplier, it’s best to know about their service, and the best way to know about their service is to look at their customers and if they have partners around the world. 

Why Should I Pay More To Buy A Wall Printer From A Local Agent?

Our global partners can provide face-to-face training and technical support services to local customers. This is something we cannot provide through remote support. And we provide dealers with a wealth of accessories to help their customers get back to work quickly.

More Info about common issues with wall printers:

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